Virtual Brass Academy for Composers

Ensemble Musikfabrik presents an online summer academy exploring contemporary brass composition. If composing is like painting, what could be better than having as many colors and techniques as possible at your disposal? Composing for brass instruments is a broad field, and the best way to approach it is to learn from brass instrumentalists and composers who can draw on a wealth of experience.

The workshops and private lessons will be led by Milica Djordjević (composer), Felipe Lara (composer) and the Ensemble Musikfabrik brass section: Christine Chapman (horn), Stephen Menotti (trombone), Maxime Morel (tuba), und Marco Blaauw (trumpet).

The Virtual Brass Academy welcomes composers from all over the world. 18 will be selected to participate. The particular compositional challenge is to create a short piece, a miniature, focusing on developing one musical idea. The newly written pieces will be performed, presented, and recorded in a live-stream concert at the end of the courses at the Ensemble Musikfabrik studios in Cologne, Germany.

The program:

  • individual coaching and group lessons with composition faculty
  • seminars, individual coaching, and group lessons with brass faculty
  • online rehearsals and video/audio documentation of the concert for personal use
  • certificate of participation

Course dates: 1.-15. August

Deadline for Applications: 1. July

Tuition: 250 €

Applicants are requested to submit the following materials:

  • 2 scores (one for solo or small chamber music, one for any instrumentation)
  • 1 recording (if available)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • registration form

Registration form

Opening Concert

Closing Concert


Milica Djordjević © Janet Sinica
Milica Djordjević © Janet Sinica
Christine Chapman
Christine Chapman © Janet Sinica
Maxime Morel © Hans Fahr
Maxime Morel © Hans Fahr
Marco Blaauw © Janet Sinica
Marco Blaauw © Janet Sinica
Stephen Menotti © Janet Sinica
Stephen Menotti © Janet Sinica