Circle of friends

The Ensemble Musikfabrik’s Circle of Friends is a meeting place for culturally interested people looking to support the ensemble’s endeavours. We are engaged in furthering a vital contemporary music culture and a diverse cultural life – even when beyond the norm – not just as an additional part, but rather as an essential cornerstone of our society. In close contact with Ensemble Musikfabrik, we experience individual productions before their performances, learn through open rehearsals in depth about the compositions and different playing techniques, and meet both musicians and composers.

You can support us as friend, sponsor, patron or just with a one-time donation as a benefactor. Your donations are tax deductible.


…are regularly informed about Ensemble Musikfabrik’s projects and performances

…are invited to rehearsals, moderated concerts and workshops

…receive special offers for select concerts and CD productions

…are in animated exchange with other informed and active contemporaries


…enjoy all the benefits of Friends of Ensemble Musikfabrik

…have the opportunity to dedicate their patronage to a specific aspect of Ensemble Musikfabrik, i.e, educational projects, acquisition of instruments, commissions, etc.

…are named on the Ensemble Musikfabrik website, if so desired

Patrons and benefactors

…enjoy all the benefits of Friends and Sponsors of Ensemble Musikfabrik

…receive as a special consideration for their exceptional commitment the opportunity to strategically use Ensemble Musikfabrik as an artistic communicator. (Salon concerts, etc.)

…are invited to exclusive receptions between members of the ensemble and important partners.

Are you interested in contemporary arts and the work of Ensemble Musikfabrik? Would you like to support them? Then become a member of the Ensemble Musikfabrik Circle of Friends. You can find more information and the membership form here.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Unsuk Chin
Unsuk Chin © Klaus Rudolph
Peter Veale
Peter Veale © Janet Sinica
Melvyn Poore, Johannes Schöllhorn © Klaus Rudolph
Melvyn Poore, Johannes Schöllhorn © Klaus Rudolph