Studio Musikfabrik

Youth Ensemble for Contemporary Music of Landesmusikrat NRW

“Studio Musikfabrik is a model for young musicians that have yet to begin tertiary music studies. The ensemble musicians mentor the participants in such a way, that they master their instrument and corresponding repertoire at a similar level, and in a relatively short amount of time, as professional musicians. I think this degree of ambition is wonderful! These young musicians can – if later on they remain in the area of music and seek to become practicing musicians – then, if they come across a contemporary work at their school of music and their teacher says ‘No, we’re not going to do that. We don’t play new music, we play standard repertoire’, reply unreservedly […]: ‘Excuse me but I’ve already played that, I can do it!’ This is a really important point, this change of perspective. After all, it was well into the 19th century that one took for granted, that music schools promoted contemporary works of the day. […] Therefore, I consider this pedagogical engagement to be of the utmost importance!”
(Peter Eötvös)