Marco Blaauw

Born in 1965, Marco Blaauw studied at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam, later continuing his studies with Pierre Thibaud and Markus Stockhausen. “I first heard New Music on television as a child. I saw how people in the audience covered their ears with their hands. That was exactly what I wanted – for people to make an effort and be surprised at what they are hearing.”

Why this instrument? At first, a practical decision: “I grew up in a village. There was a band there, and it needed a trumpet player.” Then one of his life’s goals: “I always had a picture in my head of a troubadour spreading the latest news. That’s what I want to do too – with my trumpet.” And: “The trumpet has been neglected in many regards. I see this as my appointed task – to develop the technique of the trumpet and to interest composers in the instrument.”
The results up to now: Works by Richard Ayres, Martijn Padding, Gijsbrecht Roye, Isabel Mundry, Peter Eötvös and others, written for and suggested by Marco Blaauw; intensive collaboration with Karlheinz Stockhausen; many performances as soloist; Marco Blaauw is member of Ensemble Musikfabrik.



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Marco Blaauw
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