(c) Janet Sinica

Update: Aktuelles rund um Corona

22.09.2020 | 

Auch wir sind von den Auswirkungen von COVID-19 betroffen. Updates und aktuelle Informationen in der Übersicht.

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Marco Blaauw © Astrid Ackermann

Lockdown Tape #59

22.09.2020 | 

Rebecca Saunders' Blaauw  (2004) for double bell trumpet and piano resonances is featured on our Lockdown Tape #59

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Sara Cubarsi © Janet Sinica

Lockdown Tape #58

18.09.2020 | 

Hannah Weirich and Sara Cubarsi play Giacinto Scelsi's Arc-en-ciel (1973) for two violins.

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Carl Rosman © Janet Sinica

Lockdown Tape #57

15.09.2020 | 

Carl Rosman plays Evan Johnson's “indolentiae ars”, a medium to be kept for historical-clarinet live to tape.

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Hannah Weirich, violin © Janet Sinica

Lockdown Tape #56

11.09.2020 | 

György Ligeti's Baladă și joc for two violins based on Romanian Folksongs played by Sara Cubarsi and Hannah Weirich

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Dirk Rothbrust © Janet Sinica

Lockdown Tape #55

08.09.2020 | 

Carola Bauckholt's Geräusche for two players performed by Sara Cubarsi and Dirk Rothbrust

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Peter Veale © Janet Sinica

Lockdown Tape #54

03.09.2020 | 

Toshio Hosokawa's oboe solo Three Essays was commissioned by Ensemble Musikfabrik, supported by the ministry of culture and science of north rhine-westphalia, and dedicated to Peter Veale.

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Sara Cubarsi, Violine, Janet Sinica

Lockdown Tape #53

30.08.2020 | 

Helmut Lachenmanns Dritte Stimme zu J. S. Bachs zweistimminger Invention d-moll

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Dirk Wietherger © Janet Sinica

Lockdown Tape #52

28.08.2020 | 

Dirk Wietheger plays Akira Nishimura's Threnody for violoncello solo.

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Florentin Ginot © Klaus Rudolph

Lockdown Tape #51

26.08.2020 | 

Simon Steen-Andersen's Study for String Instrument #2 played live to tape by Florentin Ginot (double bass) and Sara Cubarsi (whammy pedal)

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