Axel Porath © Janet Sinica

in nomines (1-4), surrogates, limbs, etc.

22.11.2021 | 

A video of Evan Johnson's composition in nomines (1-4), surrogates, limbs, etc., with a programme note by the composer himself

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Ulrich Löffler © Janet Sinica

In a Landscape

15.11.2021 | 

Ulrich Löffler's interpretation of John Cage's composition "In a Landscape"

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08.11.2021 | 

Sara Cubarsi performs Samuel Solís-Serrano's short violin solo ʾmr .

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Carl Rosman © Janet Sinica


01.11.2021 | 

Rebecca Saunders' solo piece for bass clarinet, Caerulean, performed by Carl Rosman, with a video interview of the clarinetist.

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Could You Patent the Sun © Janet Sinica

Could You Patent the Sun?

25.10.2021 | 

Could you patent the sun? A famous answer by American immunologist Jonas Salk to the question whether he had applied for a patent on his polio vaccine. An answer which was also the source of inspiration for Marcus Schmickler's composition of the same name. Check out our recording of the piece for double bell quartet and voice. 

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Prozession @ Robert Gummlich


16.10.2021 | 

Our video performance of Enno Poppe's Prozession with a programme text

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Veale Peter & Kobler Benjamin © Janet Sinica


08.10.2021 | 

Video performance by Peter Veale and Benjamin Kobler of the piece WOLVES for oboe and prepared piano with a programme text by composer Sarah Nemtsov.

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Ingar Zach © Janet Sinica

Parts of the Horse are Notably Present

06.10.2021 | 

In Parts of the Horse are Notably Present, Ingar Zach combines his own sound world on the drums with classical instruments and our replicas of Harry Partch's instruments. Check out the interview for a small insight into his working process.

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© Janet Sinica

Ibuki (Atem)

04.10.2021 | 

Toshio Hosokawa's music moves between Japanese tradition and images of nature. The title of his piece dedicated to Axel Porath, Ibuki, means breath. Check out our new video performance of Ibuki for viola solo.

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Benjamin Kobler © Janet Sinica

Stockhausens "Klavierstücke"

28.09.2021 | 

Benjamin Kobler erweitert die Sammlung an Stockhausens Klavierstücken bei Label Musikfabrik. Am 1. Oktober veröffentlichen wir Klavierstücke I-V zum Download und Streaming. In unserem Interview spricht der Pianist über seine Verbindung zu den Kompositionen und seine Arbeit mit Stockhausen selbst.

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