Peter Veale © Janet Sinica

Studio Musikfabrik | Münster

Studio Musikfabrik plays at Klangzeit Münster with pieces by George Crumb, Cornelius Cardew, Malika Kishino and more.

Helen Bledsoe (c) Klaus Rudolph

Montagskonzert / postponed

with Harry-Partch instruments

Peter Veale © Janet Sinica

33 Veränderungen

Within the framework of BTHVN2020 we play 33 Veränderungen by Hans Zender

thumbnail_Ulrich Löffler

Montagskonzert - cancelled!

The Monday Concert series with a new piece by Ann Cleare

Carl Rosman © Janet Sinica

National Concert Hall - cancelled!

With pieces by Ann CleareRebecca Saunders, Galina Ustvolskaya and Enno Poppe

Peter Veale © Janet Sinica

Studio Musikfabrik | Köln

With pieces by George Crumb, Cornelius Cardew, Malika Kishino, Sofia Gubaidulina and Damien Ricketson

Sara Cubarsi, Violine, Janet Sinica

Donaueschinger Musiktage

With three world premieres by Carola Bauckholt, Gerald Barry und Peter Ablinger

Axel Porath © Janet Sinica

Donaueschinger Musiktage

Second concert at the Donauschinger Musiktagen 

Benjamin Kobler © Janet Sinica

Acht Brücken - Musik für Köln

Catch-up date for 07.05.2020 (Terretektorh) with modified program.

Enno Poppe

Festival Afekt - postponed to 2021

At festival AFEKT with two world premieres by Enno Poppe and Liisa Hirsch - postponed to 2021

Paul Jeukendrup, Monophonie (c) Janet Sinica

Essen NOW!

New program at NOW! Festival with a world premiere by Elnaz Seyedi and pieces by Malika Kishino and Unsuk Chin

© Janet Sinica
04.11.2020Den Haag

spielBar Workshop | The Hague

spielBar workshop for contemporary music in The Hague

Christian Eggen © Klaus Rudolph
04.11.2020Den Haag

Composer Collider Europe | Den Haag

The first concert of the Composer Collider Europe final tour

© Janet Sinica
05.11.2020Den Haag

spielBar Workshop | The Hague

2nd date of the spielBar workshop within the Composer Collider Europe program

© Janet Sinica

spielBar Workshop | Thessaloniki

spielBar workshop within the Composer Collider Europe project

© Janet Sinica

spielBar Workshop | Thessaloniki

2nd date of the spielBar workshop in Thessaloniki within the Composer Collider Europe program

Marco Blaauw © Janet Sinica

Composer Collider Europe | Thessaloniki

The Composer Collider Europe project in Thessaloniki

© Janet Sinica

spielBar Workshop | Köln

spielBar workshop in the framework of the Composer Collider Europe project

© Janet Sinica

spielBar Workshop | Köln

2nd date of the spielBar workshop within the Composer Collider Europe program in Cologne

Dirk Rothbrust © Janet Sinica

Composer Collider Europe | Köln

with students of Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, the Royal Conservatory Den Haag and the Aritoteles University Thessaloniki

Axel Porath © Janet Sinica

Zündstoff Beethoven

As part of BTHVN 2020 at the vernissage of Zündstoff Beethoven with pieces by Henry Brant, Charles Ives, Jörg Wyttenbach and Heinz Holliger

Bruce Collings © Janet Sinica

November Music

With a new piece by Enno Poppe and a world premiere by Richard Rijnvos at November Music

Helen Bledsoe (c) Janet Sinica

Musikfabrik im WDR 75

The 75th concert of the series with compositions by Richard Rijnvos, Carola Bauckholt and Enno Poppe

Florentin Ginot © Klaus Rudolph

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival / postponed to 2021

The opening concert of the festival with works by Chaya Czernowin and Enno Poppe (conductor)

Hannah Weirich (c) Astrid Ackermann

Ensemble Festival für Aktuelle Musik

We're playing Chaya Czernowin's The Fabrication of Light and a new piece by Enno Poppe 

Harry Partch - Delusion of the Fury, Ruhrtriennale 2013

Wien Modern / does not take place!

Harry Partchs Delusion of the fury at Museumsquartier

Harry Partch - Delusion of the Fury, Ruhrtriennale 2013

Wien Modern/ does not take place!

2nd performance of Harry Partch's Delusion of the fury at Museumsquartier

Melvyn Poore © Janet Sinica

International Biennal of Contemporary Music

The brass players of the Ensemble Musikfabrik in Koper

Sara Cubarsi, Violine, Janet Sinica

Muziekgebouw aan't IJ

With pieces by Richard Rijnvos and Enno Poppe (conductor)

Enno Poppe

Muziekgebouw aan't IJ

Second concert with pieces by Richard Rijnvos and Enno Poppe

Axel Porath (c) Klaus Rudolph

Zündstoff Beethoven - Cancelled!

With pieces by Cristobál Halffter, Malte Giesen, Anthony Cheung and György Ligeti

Carl Rosman (c) Klaus Rudolph

Ludwig van

With Mauricio Kagel's Ludwig Van

Dirk Rothbrust

Radio France

Ensemble Musikfabrik plays Zappa