Nicolaus A. Huber: AION

NEOS Music



1. Angel Dust (2007/08) for trombone and accordion / 15’39
Mike Svoboda, trombone
Stefan Hussong, accordion
Live recording of the world premiere

2. Blanco y Verde (2018) for flute and clarinet / 11’38
Erik Drescher, flute
Matthias Badczong, clarinet
Live recording

3. Ohne Hölderlin (1992) for double bass and piano / 15’47
Michinori Bunya, double bass
Catherine Vickers, piano

4. En face d’en face (1994) for large orchestra and tape recording / 18:38
hr-Sinfonieorchester Frankfurt
Friedrich Goldmann, conductor


1. ALGOL (2019) Postlude to AION for piano [with air drawing and mouth harp] / 14’45
Catherine Vickers, piano

2. Rose Sélavy (2000) for ensemble and tape recording / 19’25
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Jacques Mercier, conductor
Live recording of the world premiere

3. AION (1968/72) for four channel tape and smells / 37’23
WDR Electronic Music Studio