Montagskonzert | American Music – Chicago

With pieces by George Lewis, Mike Svoboda and Anthony Braxton .

Mon. 17.12.2018 8:00 pm ical

Cologne, Studio des Ensemble Musikfabrik

George Lewis | Oraculum (2016) for trombone solo

Anthony Braxton | Composition 359 – Duo for violin and doublebass

Mike Svoboda | Music for Trombone, Piano and Percussion (2011)

Anthony Braxton | Composition 23c (1973) and Composition 199 (1997)

Bruce Collings, trombone
Ulrich Löffler, piano
Dirk Rothbrust, percussion
Sara Cubarsi, violin
Florentin Ginot, doublebass

Bruce Collings is curator of this concert.
Admission free.