4. March 2024

Traktat über die Chirurgie


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Mazyar KashianTraktat über die Chirurgie (2020)
for violin and piano

Hannah Weirich, violin
Ulrich Löffler, piano

Janet Sinica, video and editing
Jan Böyng, editing
Stephan Schmidt, recording producer and editing

„Logik ist die Feindin der Kunst. Aber Kunst darf nicht die Feindin der Logik sein.
Logik muss der Kunst einmal geschmeckt haben und von ihr vollständig verdaut worden sein.
Um zu behaupten, dass zweimal zwei fünf ist, hat man zu wissen, dass zweimal zwei vier ist.
Wer freilich nur dieses weiß, wird sagen jenes sei falsch.“

Logic is the enemy of art. But art must not be the enemy of logic.
Logic must once have tasted art and been completely digested by it.
To assert that two times two is five, you must know that two times two is four.
Of course, anyone who only knows that will say that this is wrong.

(Karl Kraus: Nachts, in: ders., Schriften, Bd. 8, hg. von Christian Wagenknecht, Frankfurt a.M. 1986, S.325)

To hear the logic of the musical events, you have to be patient and attentive. It is a very subtle task. Without haste and tension. This composition forms itself in the sense of musical spelling. Traktat über die Chirurgie is an attempt at a formal interruption in order to see the music from the inside. The attentiveness of steady hands requires such a delicate operation. It relies on two actors making music side by side, against each other and with each other, unfolding their essence.
And then, in the background, alongside the patient approach, in the distance, another cultural confrontation.

In memoriam Ulrich Löffler

Mazyar Kashian