Projects in schools and school partnerships

The Maximilian Kolbe Gymnasium in Porz is a permanent cooperation partner for school projects.

school partnerships

For a school year or longer, individual soloists from the Musikfabrik supervise a school class in order to carry out smaller projects with them in addition to their lessons. The complex world of contemporary music is opened up through an open exchange and, depending on the age of the pupils, specially designed workshops are held. Individual agreements on concept and content with the teachers allow for a flexible alignment of the projects to the respective curriculum. There is currently one school sponsorship at the Katharina Henoth Gesamtschule and one at the Maximilian Kolbe Gymnasium.

Since 2019, the school sponsorships have been funded by the Annelie & Uwe Hoffmanns-Stiftung.

Annelie & Uwe Hoffmanns-Stiftung


The project Linkage! is for students of all different kinds of schools and linked to the concert series “Musikfabrik in WDR” which exists since 2003. It is financed by the federal government in the context of the initiative “Exzellente Orchesterlandschaft Deutschland”.

Before each of the “Musikfabrik in WDR” concerts the musicians of Ensemble Musikfabrik visit different Cologne schools and conduct workshops together with the respective music teacher. The central point is a new piece being written specifically for the pupils. Each time, one of the composers being premiered in the concert will be commissioned to write a piece that is “spielBar”: playable. This piece is then being premiered by the pupils before the “Musikfabrik in WDR” concert.