Lockdown Tape #7


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Rebecca Saundersfury (2005) for double bass

Florentin Ginot, double bass

Janet Sinica, video
Daniel Seitz, sound design

Lockdown Tape #7 presents Rebecca SaundersFury, for double bass solo
recorded by Florentin Ginot. In the following note, he talks about the special virtuosity of the piece and its special treatment of the double bass.

“Several elements stand out in the research of today’s composers when it comes to their handling of the double bass, starting with the corporeality of the instrument, and its relationship — whether of proximity, intimacy or combat — with the instrumentalist. It is fascinating to observe how composers tackles this physical object, with its somewhat resistant character and its muffled-sounding zones, to see whether they will seize the earthy bass that the instrument possesses or try to escape from that at all costs…
Rebecca has captured the essence of the instrument’s organic depths, while infusing it with a very particular gestural virtuosity.
Fury is a magnificent tribute to this duality.”

Florentin Ginot