Dottore Falloppio


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Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz – Dottore Falloppio (2020)

for horn solo, English horn, trumpet, violin, viola and double bass

Christine Chapman, horn solo
Peter Veale, English horn
Marco Blaauw, trumpet
Sara Cubarsi, violin
Axel Porath, viola
Florentin Ginot, double bass

Janet Sinica, video/editing
Jan Böyng, editing
Stephan Schmidt, recording producer/editing


In the XVI century Dr. Gabriele Falloppio made important discoveries in the field of anatomy. He worked quite a lot on the internal ear, and on the reproductive systems. In Spanish, the fallopian tube (or uterine tubes) are called trompas de falopio, that means exactly falopio’s french horn.

While I was writing a solo previous version of the piece, my first son was about to come to the world, thus my mind was quite full of anatomy and efforts of childbirth

The production of most of the horn sounds on this piece have to me something quite visceral, somehow a more direct or clear birth of the sound.

In the mid-60’ Jimi Hendrix made important discoveries in the field of new (electric) sound, not to mention the construction of a unique musical language.

Dottore Falloppio makes extended use of the harmony and melodic gestures of a very well-known Hendrix version of a song (guess which one…) and is completely inspired by the innovations of Hendrix’s electric and distorted sound applied to the acoustic classical instruments.

Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz