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Karlheinz Stockhausen


On one weekend in May 2010 (between 12 noon and 12 midnight on 8 and 9 May) the Ensemble Musikfabrik was joined by a host of guests for the first performance of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s entire KLANG (Sound) cycle, his unfinished musical setting of the 24 Hours of the Day. Twenty-one “Hours” had been performed, six of which as a premiere, at a series of concerts in nine different Cologne venues, allowing you to create your own itinerary around which “Hours” you wished to hear. Patrons purchasing tickets for both days had the never-before opportunity of experiencing all twenty-one “Hours” Stockhausen composed.

KLANG im GegenLicht – KLANG against the light

Additionally, the Dusseldorf-based artist Mischa Kuball installed the site-specific light-projection GegenLicht in the rooms of Ensemble Musikfabrik on the occasion of the premiere of KLANG.

A joint project by MusikTriennale Köln and Ensemble Musikfabrik.

The world premiere of the complete cycle “KLANG, die 24 Stunden des Tages” by Karlheinz Stockhausen is supported by the Kunststiftung NRW and the Kulturstiftung des Bundes.

© Klaus Rudolph
© Klaus Rudolph
© Klaus Rudolph
© Klaus Rudolph

KLANG, die 24 Stunden des Tages

HIMMELFAHRT (2004/2005)
1. Stunde, for organ or synthesizer, soprano and tenor

FREUDE (2005)
2. Stunde, for two harps

3. Stunde, for piano

4. Stunde, for a percussionist and a little girl

5. Stunde, for bass clarinet or trumpet or flute

6. Stunde, for bass clarinet, flute and trumpet

Karlheinz Stockhausen
BALANCE (2007)
7. Stunde, for bass clarinet, English horn and flute

GLÜCK (2007)
8. Stunde, for bassoon, English horn and oboe
world premiere

9. Stunde, for violoncello, viola and violin

GLANZ (2007)
10. Stunde, for bassoon, viola, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, trombone and tuba

TREUE (2007)
11. Stunde, for bass clarinet, basset horn and small clarinet
world premiere

12. Stunde, for violoncello, trumpet and soprano saxophone

COSMIC PULSES (2006/2007)
13. Stunde, electronic music

HAVONA (2007)
14. Stunde, for bass and electronic music

15. Stunde, for baritone and electronic music
world premiere

UVERSA (2007)
16. Stunde, for basset horn and electronic music
world premiere

NEBADON (2007)
17. Stunde, for horn and electronic music
world premiere

JERUSEM (2007)
18. Stunde, for tenor and electronic music
world premiere

URANTIA (2007)
19. Stunde, for soprano and electronic music

EDENTIA (2007)
20. Stunde, for soprano saxophone and electronic music

21. Stunde, for flute and electronic music


Helen Bledsoe, flute (PARADIES)
Martin Fahlenbock, flute (BALANCE)
Elizabeth Hirst, flute (HARMONIEN für Flöte)
Kathinka Pasveer, flute (SCHÖNHEIT)
Peter Veale, oboe (GLANZ, GLÜCK)
Piet van Bockstal, English horn (GLÜCK)
Jaime Gonzàlez, English horn (BALANCE)
Roberta Gottardi, small clarinet (TREUE)
Richard Haynes, clarinet (GLANZ)
Michele Marelli, basset horn (UVERSA)
Shizuyo Oka, bass clarinet (BALANCE)
Fie Schouten, bass clarinet (HARMONIEN for bass clarinet)
Rumi Sota-Klemm, basset horn (TREUE)
Suzanne Stephens, bass clarinet (SCHÖNHEIT)
Petra Stump, bass clarinet (TREUE)
Marcus Weiss, soprano saxophone (EDENTIA, ERWACHEN)
Heidi Mockert, bassoon (GLANZ)
Edurne Santos, bassoon (GLÜCK)

Christine Chapman, horn (NEBADON)
Marco Blaauw, trumpet (SCHÖNHEIT, HARMONIEN for trumpet)
Ales Klancar, trumpet (ERWACHEN)
Ferenc Mausz, trumpet (GLANZ)
Bruce Collings, trombone (GLANZ)
Melvyn Poore, tuba (GLANZ)

Stuart Gerber, percussion (HIMMELS-TÜR)
Benjamin Kobler, piano (NATÜRLICHE DAUERN 11-24)
Ulrich Löffler, piano (NATÜRLICHE DAUERN 1-10)
Antonio Pérez-Abellàn, synthesizer (HIMMELFAHRT)
Esther Kooi, harp (FREUDE)
Marianne Smit, harp (FREUDE)

Juditha Haeberlin, violin (HOFFNUNG)
Axel Porath, viola (HOFFNUNG, GLANZ)
Dirk Wietheger, violoncello (HOFFNUNG, ERWACHEN)

Barbara Zanichelli, soprano (HIMMELFAHRT)
Hubert Mayer, tenor (HIMMELFAHRT, JERUSEM)
Jonathan de la Paz Zaens, baritone (ORVONTON)
Michael Leibundgut, bass (HAVONA)
Judith Kraft, little girl (HIMMELS-TÜR)
Sophia Ross, little girl (HIMMELS-TÜR)

Paul Jeukendrup, sound direction (COSMIC PULSES / URANTIA / GLANZ / SCHÖNHEIT)
Hans-Günther Kasper, sound direction (GLÜCK)
Hendrik Manook, sound direction (HARMONIEN for flute / ERWACHEN / HIMMELS-TÜR)
Kathinka Pasveer, sound direction (HIMMELFAHRT)
Melvyn Poore, sound direction (JERUSEM / HAVONA)
Stephan Schmidt, sound direction (PARADIES / HOFFNUNG)
Gertru Smit, sound direction (FREUDE)
Hannah Weirich, sound direction (NEBADON, ORVONTON)
Florian Zwissler, sound direction (EDENTIA / BALANCE / UVERSA)


Kölner Philharmonie
Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal, WDR Funkhaus
Kleiner Sendesaal, WDR Funkhaus
KOMED-Saal im Mediapark 7
Studio der Musikfabrik (Im Mediapark 7)
St. Andreas



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