Ataç Sezer: simultaneity (Studio Musikfabrik)



Cover_Ataç Sezer / simultaneity

1. mirror-reversed (2011) for kemençe and orchestra / 6’02
Sercan Halili, kemençe
Young Euro Classic Festival Orchestra Turkey-Germany
Cem Mansur, conductor

2. relativity of simultaneity (2013) for two string trios / 23’26
Soloists of Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
(Celina Bäumer, violin · Véronique Bastian, viola · Jan Mischlich, violoncello)
(Daniela Jung, violin · Klaus-Peter Werani, viola · Hanno Simons, violoncello)

3. infinitimal (2012 /13) for solo bassoon, solo trombone and large ensemble / 14’32
Studio Musikfabrik
Peter Veale, conductor
Commissioned by Kunststiftung NRW
Live recording · Philharmonie Essen, RWE Pavillon

4. Toned Melisma silver (2015) print for string orchestra / 10’57
Münchener Kammerorchester
Alexander Liebreich, conductor

5. time loop (2016) for large ensemble and electric guitar / 3’46
Johannes Öllinger, electric guitar
MGNM Festival Ensemble
Peter Hirsch, conductor

6. A-Circle (2012) for violin, viola, violoncello and accordion / 12’24
Stefanie Schumacher, accordion
(Heather Cotrell, violin · Klaus-Peter Werani, viola · Hanno Simons, violoncello)