Simone Santi Gubini: The Black Exposition



Schmelzpunkt (2013)
for flute, bass clarinet & two pianos for one player

Ensemble Musikfabrik
(Susanne Peters, flute · Carl Rosman, bass clarinet · Benjamin Kobler, piano)


Klangrelief III (2023)
unison duo for amplified double bass clarinet, amplified baritone saxophone and foot pedal

Carl Rosman, double bass clarinet
Patrick Stadler, baritone saxophone
Simone Santi Gubini, foot pedal


Die schwarze Ausstellung (2018)
for amplified orchestra with nine instruments and foot pedal

Ensemble Musikfabrik
(Carl Rosman, bass clarinet · Joshua Hyde, baritone saxophone
James Aylward, bassoon · Rostislav Kozhevnikov & Hannah Weirich, violin
Dirk Wietheger & Adya Khanna-Fontenla, violoncello · Florentin Ginot, doublebass
Dirk Rothbrust, percussion · Gregor A. Mayrhofer, conducter)