Edition Musikfabrik | CD 7 | Unerwartet

Excerpt from Are you experienced? by David Lang



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David LangAre you experienced? (1987-88)
for speaker, electric tuba solo and ensemble

Philippe BoesmansSextuor à clavier (2006)
for piano, 2 violins, 2 violas und violoncello

Richard Barrett interference (1996-2000)
for double-bass clarinet solo, voice and pedal bass drum

Luca FrancesconiUnexpected End of Formula (2008)
for violoncello, live elektronics and ensemble

Christian Brückner, speaker (Lang)
Melvyn Poore, electric tuba solo (Lang)
Carl Rosman, voice, double-bass clarinet solo and pedal bass drum (Barrett)
Dirk Wietheger, violoncello (Francesconi)
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Josh Martin (ZKM), sound direction
Stefan Asbury, conductor (Lang)
Etienne Siebens, conductor (Boesmans)
Christian Eggen, conductor (Francesconi)