Conducted by Enno Poppe

Sat. 24.01.2009 8:00 pm ical

Berlin, Radialsystem V

Klaus Ospald | Und es regnete tang und die verwirrung war allgemein… (1989/96) for mezzo soprano and ensemble

Enno Poppe / Wolfgang Heiniger | Tonband (2008)
Commissioned by Kunstiftung NRW, Musikfabrik and Deutschlandradio Kultur

Enno Poppe | Scherben (2000-2008) for ensemble

Friedrich Goldmann | Ensemblekonzert 3 (2007) for 16 players – Fantasia about fundamental notes of an Arioso by J S B
Commissioned by Bach-Archiv Leipzig

Rosemary Hardy, Mezzosoprano
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Enno Poppe, Conductor