Tree of Codes ‘Cut-outs in time’ – Eine Oper

Liza Lim | Tree of Codes 'Cut-outs in time' - An Opera (2013-15)

Sat. 09.04.2016 7:30 pm Premiere ical
Tue. 12.04.2016 7:30 pm ical
Thu. 14.04.2016 7:30 pm ical
Mon. 18.04.2016 7:30 pm ical
Wed. 20.04.2016 7:30 pm ical

Köln, Oper Köln im Staatenhaus, Saal 3

Introduction on 9th April 2016 at 6 pm in Saal 3 des StaatenHaus with Liza Lim (composer), Massimo Furlan (production), Claire de Ribaupierre (dramaturgy) and Marco Blaauw (Ensemble Musikfabrik) – moderation

Liza Lim | Tree of Codes ‘Cut-outs in time’ – Eine Oper (2013-15)
Libretto by Liza Lim based on Jonathan Safran Foers’ “Tree of Codes” and Bruno Schulz’ “Die Zimtläden”
Music by Liza Lim
world premiere

Tree of Codes is a commissioned production between the Cologne Opera, Ensemble Musikfabrik and HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden, in cooperation with the Academy of the Arts of the World, Cologne.

Clement Power | musical production
Massimo Furlan/Numero 23 Prod. | production
Massimo Furlan, Antoine Friderici | stage
Claire de Ribaupierre | dramaturgy
Severine Besson | costumes
Bastien Genoux, Detours Films | video
Antoine Friderici | light
Julie Monot | make-up
Catherine Larsen Maguire | musical study
Martin Lindsay | vocal training Ensemble Musikfabrik

Emily Hindrichs | Adela (soprano)
Christian Miedl | Sohn/Doktor (baritone)
Carl Rosman | Mutant Bird

Ensemble Musikfabrik

Yael Rion | father
Diane Decker | Octopus/Touya, the idiot-girl
Anne Delahaye | Adela double
Stéphane Vecchione | son double

All sketches for the stage design of “Tree of Codes” by Massimo Furlan.
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