Pieces by Berio, Boulez, Lachenmann, Ligeti and Stockhausen

Thu. 21.10.2021 8:30 pm ical

Parma, Casa della Musica

Carl Rosman

György LigetiMysteries of the Macabre (1974–77, rev. 1988) three arias from the opera „Le Grand Macabre“ for solo trumpet in c and piano arranged by Elgar Howarth

Helmut Lachenmann Dal niente (1970) for one solo clarinetist

Luciano BerioSequenza X (1984) for trumpet in c (amplified by piano resonances)

Pierre BoulezDomaines (1968/69) for clarinet

Karlheinz StockhausenKlavierstück X (1954/61)

Carl Rosman, clarinet
Marco Blaauw, trumpet
Benjamin Kobler, paino