Studio Musikfabrik: NOW! form per form

Studio Musikfabrik at NOW! Festival 2018 with a world premiere by Yasutaki Inamori.

Sat. 03.11.2018 5:00 pm ical

Essen, Stiftung Zollverein – Salzlager

Dieter Schnebel | Bauernszene aus Museumsstücke 1 (1991-93) for plates, glasses, bottles, cutlery and voices

Harrison Birtwistle | Cortege a ceremony for 14 musicians in memory of Michael Vyner (2007) for ensemble

Toshio Hosokawa | Voyage V (2001) for flute and chamber orchestra

Yasutaki Inamori | Miscommunication to Excommunication (2018) World Premiere – Commissioned by NOW! Festival

Mauricio Kagel | Finale mit Kammerensemble (1980/81)

Sarah Heemann, Flute
Peter Veale, Conductor
Studio Musikfabrik

Supported by Kunststiftung NRW.

Essen NOW! form per form