Studio Musikfabrik | Bangkok

Studio Musikfabrik at PGVIM International Symposium in Bangkok

Wed. 28.08.2019 7:00 pm ical

Bangkok, Princess Galyani Vadhana Institut

First Concert of Studio Musikfabrik at the annual Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music’s International Symposium with workshops, seminars and cultural encounters.

Elliot Carter | Hioku (2001) for two clarinets

Christian Wolff | Tuba Song (1992) for tuba solo

Toshio Hosokawa | Neben dem Fluss (1982) for harp solo

Zhe Qi Joey Yeo | If Flowers were to bloom again (2019)

Ryle Nicole Custodio | At Kung Maging (2019) for chamber ensemble, Kulintang and Bandurria

and other works

ASEAN Youth Ensemble
Studio Musikfabrik
Peter Veale, direction

supported by the Goethe institut.