Solo-Collider Horn

Presentation of the Solo-Collider Horn programme

Mon. 29.05.2017 8:00 pm ical

Cologne, Studio des Ensemble Musikfabrik

“Composer collider” is a workshop series for composition students and alumni of different universities which gives them the opportunity to work together with a professional ensemble for contemporary music. In the current project, students of Johannes Schöllhorn from the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, are composing for the instrument horn.

Juliàn Quintero Silva Glaze (2016/17) – for horn solo – world premiere

Yasutaki InamoriQuid rides? I (2016/17) – for horn solo – world premiere

Farzia Fallahatemlos lebendig (2016/17) – for horn and viola – world premiere

Vladimir Guicheff BogaczFalloppio (2016/17) – for horn solo – world premiere

Jing WangYan (2016) – for conch horn solo

Christine Chapman, horn, conch horn
Axel Porath, viola
and special guests

Campus Musikfabrik is supported by Kunststiftung NRW.