A joint project by Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe

Fri. 02.10.2009 10:30 pm ical

Strasbourg, Théâtre National de Strasbourg | Salle Bernard-Marie Koltès

Michael Gordon, David Lang, Julia Wolfe | Shelter (2004/2005)

Deborah Artman, Libretto
Bill Morrison, Film
Laurie Olinder, Projections

Matt Frey, Light
Jim Findlay, Set
Ruth Pongstaphone, Costume
Bob McGrath, Direction

Paul Jeukendrup, Sound Design
Synergy Vocals, Voices
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Peter Rundel, Conductor

Commissioned by Brooklyn Academy of Music, Musikfabrik and Kunststiftung NRW.

A production of Musikfabrik and der Brooklyn Academy of Music in cooperation with the Ridge Theater New York