PACT Zollverein / RRRRR …

A concert with pieces by Mauricio Kagel, curated by Carl Rosman

Sun. 02.02.2020 5:00 pm ical

Essen, Pact Zollverein

Pieces by Mauricio Kagel:

Rrrrrr (1981-82) for voice and piano

Rrrrrr (1981-82) for violin, clarinet and piano

Der Turm zu Babel (excerpts) (2002) for voice

Schattenklänge (1995) for bass clarinet

Unguis incarnatus est (1972) for piano and bass clarinet

Ludwig van (1969/70) for voice, violin, clarinet, piano

Carl Rosman, clarinet
Martin Lindsay, voice
Ulrich Löffler, piano
Hannah Weirich, violin
Lea Letzel, spatial installation and lighting

Carl Rosman is curator of the concert