Montagskonzert | Liebes Lieder Lieblings Lieder

Montagskonzert with the most beautiful songs

Mon. 03.04.2017 8:00 pm ical

Cologne, Studio des Ensemble Musikfabrik

An extraordinary recital: the most beautiful songs of this universe by Tom Waits in a new, extravagant instrumentation meet pieces by Franz Schubert, Rober Schumann, Francis Poulenc, Claude Vivier and Benjamin Britten.

Benjamin Britten | O Waly, Waly (1946)

Benjamin Britten | The trees they grow so high (1942)

Francis Poulenc | From Miroirs brûlants (1938):
Tu vois le feu du soir

Franz Schubert | From Winterreise op. 89 (1827):
Die Nebensonnen

Robert Schumann | Aus Dichterliebe op. 48 (1840):
Am leuchtenden Sommermorgen

Tom Waits

Tom Traubert’s Blues (1976)
Everything You Can Think (2002)
Fawn (2002)
We’re All Mad Here (2002)
Watch Her Disappear (2002)
Poor Edward (2002)
Swordfishtrombones (1983)
Clap Hands (1985)
Ruby’s Arms (1980)
and others…

Claude Vivier | From cinq chansons pour percussion (1980):
chanson à midi
chanson au soleil
chanson à la mort

Florentin Ginot, double bass, percussion
Benjamin Kobler, grand piano, upright piano, harmonium, plate bells, tom-tom, shaking box, marimba
Achim Lüttel, voice
Axel Porath,viola, stroh violin, adapted guitar II, marimba, bass claves
Carl Rosman, voice, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, bass triangle, melodica, glissando gongs, surrogate kithara
Dirk Rothbrust, surrogate kithara, drums, cow bells, spoils of war, desk bells, thai gongs, gamelan instruments

Dirk Rothbrust is curator of this concert.