Montagskonzert – L’art de toucher: new music for period instruments

Monday Concert curated by Sara Cubarsi

Mon. 22.05.2023 8:00 pm Admission free ical

Cologne, Studio of Ensemble Musikfabrik

Sara Cubarsi

Sven-Ingo Koch Von der Liebe zur Linie IV – movement 1, 2 and 4 (2022) for baroque violin

Evan JohnsonL’art de toucher le clavecin 3 (2011) for piccolo, violin and percussion

Annegret Mayer-LindenbergKeine Zeit für Nachtigallen (2023) world premiere
for tromba marina and percussion

Liza LimPhiltre (1997) for hardanger fiddle

François CouperinL’Apothéose de Lully (1724) for trio sonata instrumentation

Christoph GraupnerTrio a viola d’amore, chalumeau e cembalo (1735/37)

and more compositions

Helen Bledsoe, piccolo
Carl Rosman, chalumeau
Dirk Rothbrust, percussion
Florentin Ginot, double bass
James Aylward, baroque basson
Benjamin Kobler, cembalo
Sara Cubarsi, violin, viola d’amore, hardanger fiddle, tromba marina, baroque violin, curator

This concert will be accompanied by an event organised by the Thomas-Morus-Akademie Bensberg

The concert will also be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook.