Montagskonzert – Albatros

Monday concert with pieces by Maxime Morel, Jacques Rebotier and Pauline Oliveros

Mon. 21.08.2023 8:00 pm admission free ical

Cologne, Studio des Ensemble Musikfabrik

© Janet Sinica

Pauline Oliveros – Rock Piece (1979)
for several performers

Jacques Rebotier Brève n°17 Pourquoi tu m’aimes plus? (1991)
for tuba

Jacques Rebotier Brève n°4 Litanie des points cardinaux (1986)
for violin

Jacques Rebotier – Brève n°1 Apollinaire? (1989)
for tromba marina

Jacques Rebotier – Brève n°18 La peau du corps
for horn

Pauline Oliveros – Paper City (2015)
for several performers

Maxime Morel – L’Albatros 3.0 (2005-2022) World premiere of this version
for tuba with trumpet and horn

Jacques Rebotier – Brève n°19 Reviens (1995)
for alphorn

and other works

Christine Chapman, horn and curator
Maxime Morel, tuba, alphorn and curator
Marco Blaauw, trumpet, alphorn
Sara Cubarsi, violin, tromba marina

The concert will also be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook.