Montagskonzert | A sound of silence on the startled ear

Monday concert with Marco Blaauw and Marcus Schmickler.

Mon. 25.09.2017 8:00 pm ical

Cologne, Studio des Ensemble Musikfabrik

With the musician and composer Marcus Schmickler will Marco Blaauw guide you with his trumpet through the concert. The duo of amplified trumpet and computer is going to start the evening with Robin Hoffmanns piece œhr (2006) for listening solo and is continuing with exploring a 60-minute play of concentrated perception of space and acoustics.

With the title A sound of silence on the startled ear you can expect a night which is dedicated to different acoustic spaces and listening itself as the musical material.

Marco Blaauw, trumpet
Marcus Schmickler, computer

Curator of this concert is Marco Blaauw.