"Floskeln und andere Redeblumen" curated by Christine Chapman

Mon. 04.06.2012 8:00 pm ical

Cologne, Studio des Ensemble Musikfabrik

Floskeln und andere Redeblumen

Georg Friedrich Haas | … aus freier Lust … verbunden … (1994–1996)
for trumpet, trombone and tuba

Giacinto Scelsi | 2. Satz aus: Tre pezzi (1957)
for trombone

Giacinto Scelsi | Maknongan (1976)
for prepared bass voice or bass instrument

Guillaume Dufay | Missa Se la face ay pale (ca.1450)
for trumpet, horn, trombone und tuba

Liza Lim | Wild winged-one (2007)
Aria for trumpet in C with wacky whistle

Olivier Messiaen |  6. Satz aus: Des Canyons aux étoiles (1971–74)
for horn solo
Christine Chapman | Horn
Marco Blaauw | Trumpet
Bruce Collings | Trombone
Melvyn Poore | Tuba

Curator of the concert is Christine Chapman.