KLANG-Zyklus – MusikTriennale Köln

Karlheinz Stockhausen - KLANG - the 24 hours of the day

Sat. 08.05.2010 n/n ical
Sun. 09.05.2010 n/n ical

Cologne, verschiedene

Karlheinz Stockhausen | KLANG (2004-2007) | 24 hours of the day

After his cycle LICHT, in which Karlheinz Stockhausen wrote an opera for every day in the week, he turned towards the 24 hours of the day and created a cycle  with a piece for every day with different duration and casting: KLANG.

There are missing three hours to complete the cycle – as a highlight of  MusikTriennale is Ensemble Musikfabrik going to present the already composed 21 hours at different places in Cologne.

A cooperative project of MusikTriennale Köln and Ensemble Musikfabrik.