Iannis Xenakis

Centenary Iannis Xenakis

Fri. 09.12.2022 7:30 pm ical

Bonn, Dialograum Kreuzung St. Helena

Bruce Collings

Pieces by Iannis Xenakis:

Concret PH (1958) for 2-track tape

Keren (1986) for trombone

O-Mega (1997) for percussion and 13 instrumentalists

Paille in the Wind (1992) for violoncello and piano

Khal Perr (1983) for brass quintet and two percussionists

Charisma (1971) Homage to Jean-Pierre Guézec for clarinet and violoncello

A l’île de Gorée (1986) for harpsichord and ensemble

Mycenae Alpha (1978) for 2-track tape

Bruce Collings, trombone
Dirk Rothbrust, percussion
Benjamin Kobler, harpsichord
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Yalda Zamani, conductor

Tickets: 15€/10€