Die Spielzeug-Revolte – Kinderkonzert

Children's concert at the Kölner Philharmonie with compositions by Györgi Ligeti

Sun. 28.05.2023 11:00 am ical

Cologne, Kölner Philharmonie


Dirk Wietheger

The toys of the ” world of games” are fed up. More and more often, their place in the toy shop window is taken by a “trending game” that is supposed to be the “next hit in the children’s room”. Something has to happen! One night they rebel. After the owner turns out the lights, they build a toy monster to teach people what really fun toys are. But it turns out that the monster they created has very different ideas about their future …

Director Annechien Koerselman brings Ligeti’s music to life together with three singers and the Ensemble Musikfabrik. Ligeti’s sound world lays the foundation for an exciting and funny story about nocturnal toy adventures for the whole family, and does so without any words at all.

In “The Toy Revolt” the following works by György Ligeti happen revue: Aventures, Nouvelles Aventures, the Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano and Mysteries of the Macabre.

Lisa Fornhammar, soprano
Verena Tönjes, mezzo-soprano
Fabian Hemmelmann, baritone
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Yorgos Ziavras, conductor
Annechien Koerselman, idea, concept, direction