Departure 8 | 50 Jahre Studio für elektronische Musik

Celebration concert with a world premiere of Ferdinand Graetz and pieces by Niclas Thobaben, Sergej Maingardt and Oxana Omelchuk

Sat. 27.06.2015 7:30 pm ical

Cologne, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Aula

Welcoming by Prof. Heinz Geuen
Speech by Werner Wittersheim

Ferdinand Graetz | Leach (2015) | for piano, percussion instruments and electronic instruments
world premiere

Niclas Thobaben | Dark&Sexy (2014) | for soprano with laptop and webcam, keyboard, live video/audio and players

Sergej Maingardt | Flower´s silence in empty guns (2012) | for piano, live-elektronics and sensors

Oxana Omelchuk | Staadhaadler Aff (2010) | for percussion instruments

Dirk Rothbrust, percussion instruments
Arturo Portugal, percussion instruments
Carlos Tarcha, percussion instruments
Paulo Àlvares, piano
Yorgos Ziavras, piano
Jessica Meffert, soprano

technics director: Marcel Schmidt
artistic director: Prof. Michael Beil

A cooperation of Studio für elektronische Musik der HfMT Köln and Ensemble Musikfabrik