A joint project by Jarrell, Matalon and Cendo

Wed. 16.12.2009 9:00 pm ical

Reimes, Césaré, centre national de création musicale

Festival Extension de la Muse en circuit

Jarrell, Matalon, Cendo | chûte(s) (2009) | spectacle multimédia
Paolo Paccini | conception and video

Michael Jarrell | Staub (Assonance IIIb) (2009)
for ensemble and live-electronic

Martin Matalon | Tunneling (2009)
for ensemble and live-elektronik

Raphaël Cendo | Charge (2009)
for ensemble and live-elektronic

Ensemble Musikfabrik

Commissioned by Grame (Lyon), Cirm (Nizza), Fondation Royaumont, Schweizer Kulturstiftung pro helvetia, Kunststiftung NRW and Ensemble Musikfabrik, supported by Französisches Kulturministerium.
Realised in studios og Grame (Lyon) and Cirm (Nizza) with Christophe Lebreton (Grame) and Julien Aléonard (Cirm).