Akademie Musikfabrik: spielBar-Pre-Concert bei ACHT BRÜCKEN

spielBar Pre-Concert presenting Globokar's "Individuum Collectivum"

Sun. 10.05.2015 7:30 pm ical

Cologne, Kölner Philharmonie, Foyer

Open to public

This pre-concert presents Vinko Globokars “Individuum collectivum” performed by a group of festival visitors under the guidance of two musicians of Ensemble Musikfabrik. Latecommers are heartly welcome!

No prior experience necessary. The participation is free of charge.

10th May, 5pm-7pm, rehearsal, Foyer of Philharmonie Köln

10th May, 7:30pm, pre-concert, Foyer of Philharmonie Köln

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