Akademie Musikfabrik: Hochschule für Musik Detmold

Ensemble Earquake and Ensemble Musikfabrik play pieces by Mauricio Kagel.

Fri. 12.10.2018 7:30 pm ical

Detmold, Konzerthaus

The concert will be supplemented by musicological speeches of Prof. Dr. Andreas Münzmay, executive director of the department of musicology in Detmold/Paderborn (11th October at 11 am) and musicologist Dr. Christina Richter-Ibáñez of the University of Tübingen (10th October at 19.30 pm).

Mauricio Kagel | Selection of 10 Märsche um den Sieg zu verfehlen (1978/79) for wind instruments and percussion

Mauricio Kagel | Die Stücke der Windrose: Osten (1989) for salon orchestra

Mauricio Kagel | Die Stücke der Windrose: Westen (1994) for salon orchestra

Mauricio Kagel | Match (1964) for three players

Mauricio Kagel | Finale (1981) for ensemble

Ensemble Earquake
Ensemble Musikfabrik

Ensemble Earquake of Hochschule für Musik Detmold will be coached by the musicians of Ensemble Musikfabrik and the lecturer Merve Kazokoglu.
Supported by Kunststiftung NRW.