Adventure #8

World premieres of students of HfMT Cologne

Thu. 30.06.2022 7:30 pm Free admission ical

Cologne, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Konzertsaal

World premieres of transmedial, acoustic, performative works from the composition department of HfMT Cologne

Alexander Held – Autonomous (2022) world premiere
e-violin and Synthesizer + amplification

Andres Quezada – Vértice de una espiral (2022) world premiere
for 4 percussionists

Szymon Wojcik – /pliːz//stɒp/(ˈbreɪkɪŋ/ɪt/ (2022) world premiere
for clarinet (and bass clarinet), trumpet, violin and  Trompete, Violine and playback

Carlie Schoonees – absorbed (2022) world premiere
for horn, percussion, piano and amplification 

Helena Cánovas – algo sobre la espera (2021)
for oboe, trumpet, piano, violin and electronics 

Ensemble Musikfabrik
Simon Spillner, sound direction
Prof. Michael Beil und Thomas Fichter, artistic direction

Adventure is a cooperation with Institut für Neue Musik of Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln