6. October 2021

Working on: Parts of the Horse are Notably Present


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Ensemble Musikfabrik
Hans Fahr, Video/Schnitt
Janet Sinica, Kamera (Konzert-Video)
Paul Jeukendrup, Klangprojektion (Konzert-Video)
Thomas Wegner, Assistent Tonprojektion (Konzert-Video)

The composition, “Parts of The Horse Are Notably Present” has been created with material developed from my solo work over the last twenty years. Recognizable elements from my solo work have been orchestrated and transformed with a configuration of selected instruments of Harry Partch, traditional instruments, and my own extended percussion. I wanted to create a symbiosis, where none of the elements were more important than the other. During the compositional process, an image of a horse galloping on an open prairie landscape came to mind. I like to think that the horse is the sound of the music.

Ingar Zach