9. October 2019

Studio Musikfabrik x Bangkok

Studio Musikfabrik was a guest in Bangkok and participated in the symposium of the Princess Gayana Vadhana Institute of Music 2019. Within one week, the Studio Musikfabrik participants learned new works by Southeast Asian composers and premiered them together with the Asean Youth Ensemble (AYE) in three concerts.

The enthusiastic reports of the young musicians testify to the formative impressions left by this intercultural exchange:

“No matter in which country you make music, it is always the same – you can touch and address people with music. Music connects and gives us the chance to understand each other across all borders and languages.”
Julia Berg, clarinet

“This direct exchange with the composers was one of the great and inspiring experiences in the cultural exchange of the trip to Thailand.”
Alejandro Sarregui, percussion

“For me, the experiences, the sounds, the concerts, the facial expressions, and especially the thought-provoking works were an overwhelming experience that I won’t soon forget.”
Charlotte Ortolf, tuba 

“Just concerts together and the feeling of having created something together that we all love just welds us together so much.”
Moritz Koch, drums

“In general, the entire symposium proved to be a particularly lively and diverse program, with various events taking place simultaneously and enlivening the PGVIM campus. As a result, I was able to make some new contacts and friendships and am glad to have been in chaotic, dynamic and warm Bangkok.”
Sara Cubarsi, violin, Ensemble Musikfabrik

made possible by the support of the Goethe-Institut Bangkok