20. April 2020

New Music Monday #5

New Music Monday #5 features East Broadway by Julia Wolfe, played by Ulrich Löffler. The piece is available for free download for one week.

>>> Link to download

“What always struck me about Julia Wolfe’s music is that it doesn’t need much explanation, that it explains itself quite naturally.
The music creates a poetic world of sound that immediately captures me as a listener.
This becomes particularly clear in “East Broadway”, a short, crisp, rough, loud, almost 4 minutes long piece of music for toy piano and boombox, i.e. toy piano and portable loudspeaker.
By the way, this is not about the famous Broadway.  East Broadway is a street in the south of New York’s Manhattan district, which leads from Two Bridges (the district above the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge) in eastern direction across China Town to the Lower East Side.”

Ulrich Löffler