8. June 2020

New Music Monday #12

New Music Monday #12 presents Fuzzy Trio by Georges Aperghis, recorded by Hannah Weirich, Ulrich Löffler and Dirk Rothbrust. As always, you can download the piece for one week free of charge on our label page. For the blog, Ulrich Löffler tells how Fuzzy Trio was worked out with George Aperghis, although actually a completely different piece was planned.

>>>Link to download

“When Georges Aperghis presented his first sketches for the ensemble piece Intermezzi in 2015, we (Hannah, Dix and Uli) took the opportunity to prepare his Fuzzy Trio.

Georges was a little surprised that we wanted to do this piece in particular, which he actually wanted to withdraw. But we had fallen in love with this piece right when we played it for the first time and persuaded him to rehearse it, in which our enthusiasm changed his mind in no time. Full of joy in playing, we went through the piece with Georges, cleared up a few ambiguities, tried out different sound constellations and determined the percussion instruments.
Back in Paris, Georges had the score set – until then only a handwritten version existed – and since then we have played Fuzzy Trio again and again with great joy – and to this day we still cannot understand what it was that did not convince Georges about this piece.”

Ulrich Löffler, June 2020