5. December 2023

Montagskonzert – Moondog / Andi Toma


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Archey Proto – Cosmos I
Archey Proto
Prologue to Archey Proto
Cosmic Meditation No. 2

Andi Toma, electronics
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Helen Bledsoe, flute
Peter Veale, oboe
Carl Rosman, clarinet, voice
Marco Blaauw, trumpet
Maxime Morel, tuba
Benjamin Kobler, piano, keyboard
Dirk Rothbrust, percussion
Hannah Weirich, violin
Axel Porath, viola
Dirk Wietheger, violoncello


Archey Proto

The Archetype and Prototype of All in One and One in All is He,
The Head of Six and Heart of Lighty-six, the Head and Heart of Ninety-two
who get their kicks en mass by trafficking in super-sub-atomic tricks,
all Part and Parcel of the Cosmic Personality who bears the name
of Archey Proto, rather disrespectfully abbreviated by
the few who love their Little Giant Little basking in an earthly fame
that far excells the size but not the meaning of the Mite who doesn’t
mix among the Super-sub-atomic Worlds, to see to it they carry through
the Archey Protocol. The Ruler of the Roost is ruling by decree.

Cosmic Meditation NO. 2

Describe it! Not by stating what it is, but rather stating what it’s not.
No genders, tenses, verbiage nor adjectivity could ever say,
“No Somethingness, no Nothingness, no Cause, no synonym for uni
verse.” The island universes are as numerous as drops of water in
the Cosmic Sea, Sideria it self , with neither seabed, surf nor shore.
I’m in beyond my depth, I fear, and swimming like a fish without a fin,
and all because of my vocabulary which is making matters worse.
“No size implies no measurement, implies no limitation.” If I may,
I ‘ l l ask the question, “How,” before I dare ot ask the questions,
“Why” and “What?”