11. June 2020

Lockdown Tape #19


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Nicolaus A. HuberClash Music – Solo für ein Beckenpaar (1987)

Dirk Rothbrust, cymbals

Janet Sinica, video
Daniel Seitz, sound design

Clash Music has been accompanying me for 25 years, the pair of cymbals lives in my backpack almost all the time.

After many performances as a quartet within the work Herbstfestival for 4 percussionists, which I still consider one of the most beautiful percussion quartets of our time, I discovered the solo version for myself and performed it on many occasions.

Whether in the tram, at night in convivial gatherings, on the concert stage – many things are conceivable.

I love Nikolaus’ statements about the psychology of hearing, such as “…the molecules of the book on which the tambourine strikes determine the speed of the tremolo…”. 

or even… 

“…here the vibraphone puts a new dress on the marimba…” 

So are there stumbling soldiers at Clash Music, or broken jukeboxes?

Whether as solo, quartet or tentet – Clash Music is always fun 

Dirk Rothbrust, June 2020