2. June 2020

Lockdown Tape #15


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Helge StenIX O aus Sow Your Gold In The White Foliated Earth (2014/15)

Christine Chapman, Kithara II

Janet Sinica, video
Daniel Seitz, sound design

Sow Your Gold In The White Folliated Earth for Harry Partch instruments was commissioned by the Ensemble Musikfabrik as part of Pitch 43_tuning the cosmos, which offers composers the opportunity to discover and explore Harry Partch’s rich musical heritage. The solo for Kithara II is the last movement of the composition by Helge Sten. The Norwegian composer, artist and sound engineer has been active in the music scene since 1991, mostly under the name Deathprod, but he has also worked with various bands and collaborations, e.g. Motorpsycho (1992-1994) or Supersilent (since 1997).