20. December 2019

Kuba x Studio Musikfabrik

Wilma Alba Cal. Havana, December 2019.

Enthusiasm, creativity and talent – this is how the members of Studio Musikfabrik show themselves under the excellent direction of Peter Veale.

The project of collaboration between German and Cuban musicians has been a pleasant and fruitful experience to share contemporary music, to present to the audience an intense, carefully selected repertoire, and to follow with satisfaction the processes of compilation, rehearsal and premiere of new works, including my latest work “Instrucciones para respirar (Instructions for Breathing)”.

During the Festival de Música Contemporánea de La Habana, the concert halls and the conservatory of the capital offered a great presentation space to the German ensemble – the same thing then happened in reverse in exchange and the Cuban musicians and professors presented Cuban music (history) to a German audience in Cologne.

Grateful to have met Studio Musikfabrik and with the desire to see the ensemble again in the near future, I am inspired by the artistic sensibility and express my willingness to give new “instructions”.

© Janet Sinica
© Janet Sinica