9. September 2016

hope for the future

While we look at 25 years of Ensemble Musikfabrik, on the other side of this planet, ELISION Ensemble is celebrating its 30th concert season with some exciting concerts. Its artistic director Daryl Buckley sent us a highly supportive text.

It is really hard to think of ensembles that have the courage present within their practice to make a difference and to position themselves, with risk, adventurously with commitment.

Musikfabrik does this. And provides me with a sense of collegiality and more importantly hope for the future of our art-form. I am proud to count this ensemble as friend.


Daryl Buckley
Artistic director ELISION

Thank you, Daryl, for your kind words and congratulations on your 30th anniversary with ELISION! We not only share two of our members but many common goals. We are happy to be working for the future of music together with you!