21. February 2022

Hidden Architecture


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Eduardo LoríaHidden Architecture (2021)
Four Miniature Landscapes for Video and Sampled Instruments

Carl Rosman, bass clarinet
Borja Sánchez, saxophone
Sara Cubarsi, violin
Dirk Wietheger, violoncello

Dmitry Remizov, camera
Simon Spillner, recording producer
Warped Type, video/light support
Eduardo Loría, composer, video concept, sound/video editing

The piece has as inspiration and as main source for the material the “microscopic world” (visual and auditive), which is seldom accessible without the proper tools to perceive it. The material used was obtained using a special macro lens and sensitive microphones to capture with detail the surfaces and shapes of the musical instruments, as well as subtle sounds made with the instruments when manipulated or used. The collected visual and auditive material was afterwards used to create four landscapes/soundscapes, where the micro-surfaces of the instruments become architecture, and the micro-sounds become the soundscape of it.

Eduardo Loría