18. December 2020

Cornelius Cardew – Treatise

Studio Musikfabrik has been collaborating with PGVIM (The Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute for Music) in Bangkok for many years. The numerous joint projects in Bangkok, Darmstadt, Essen etc. have been a rich source and an inspiring part of our work over the years.

In March of this year we were fortunate to still manage a wonderful Project “Musik der Aufklärung” celebrating 250 years Beethoven and 60 years of Goethe Institute in Bangkok. The proposed Asian Youth Ensemble project, together with some members of Studio Musikfabrik was however no longer possible to fulfill due to the pandemic. I felt that this situation needed to be rectified and one of the pieces in our recent Studio Musikfabrik concert had been Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise. This graphic score is a reference work of this genre and is one that would manage the time lag issues with ensemble playing via internet. It requires lots of dialogue and discussion between all players and it was vital from my point of view, for the audience to be able to also follow the score during performance.

There are still many challenges to be overcome for such online performances, but the collaboration and overall result were wonderful to be part of. I am extremely grateful to our partners in Bangkok and to all the musicians involved for this memorable experience.

Peter Veale, artistic director of Studio Musikfabrik

Although the corona pandemic prevented us from meeting in person in real life, both ensembles still had the desire to create a project, however virtually. The graphic notation of Treatise by Cornelius Cardew was both a challenging and mutually unifying choice. Within a short time we developed an overall concept across countries and practiced it. Despite the physical distance, it was a very pleasant experience to once again meet new faces who equally love music and I think it has been proven that music does not need words, but rather forms its own language. A great concept was created, which remained flexible and could only be accomplished with both groups. Even if there were technical problems here and there, everything was done to set up a beautiful project and everything possible was done to make it audible. Not live on site, but via livestream. It was a wonderful experience and a very welcome distraction in these monotonous times.

Viola Parma, pianist Studio Musikfabrik


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