3. April 2019

Composer Collider Europe

Composer Collider Europe – CCE is a series of transnational activities for composition students and alumni from three partner universities (Cologne, Thessaloniki, Den Haag) and interested amateurs. The program with the support of the European Union offers them the opportunity to work with professional composers, professors and the musicians of Ensemble Musikfabrik.

The work so far has been a unique experience for everybody. During phase 3 in Greece,  the composition students  Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz (Cologne), Petros Leivadas (Thessaloniki), Zesses Seglias (Thessaloniki) and Sara Zamboni (Den Haag) worked together with Ensemble Musikfabrik on their compositions and put up a great concert:

“After this experience, I got more and more motivation to pursue my composition research (…) the professional and human support I received from the ensemble has convinced me that this is how I should work, that I am on the good track, and I feel more mature in my decisions as a composer and even grown in the organization behind my own daily work schedule. I also realized I was ready for that and that it is possible that this is going to be my job.”
Sara Zamboni

“Having a first performance (and a private recording) is an important help in the process of correcting things and developing the piece (…) This is something new that Composer Collider Europe brings and in this sense, I feel lucky to have my piece performed already in the first concert.”
Zesses Seglias

“There are three main types of experience I can distinguish during these past phases of the Composer Collider Europe Project: Deeper human relations, an approach to a different society and increase of musical knowledge.”
Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz

“I am very much looking forward to continue this journey in the next years, to learn and to collaborate more with such amazing musicians and composers in such a wonderful environment.”
Petros Leivadas

You can read in more detail about the field reports on the CCE website here. We’re looking forward to phase 4 in April in Cologne with new compositions by Georgia Koumará (Cologne), Benjamin Grau (Cologne), Mihali Paleologou(Thessaloniki) and Julian Oliveira (Den Haag)!


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Take a look at this video, which was filmed in Thessaloniki in November 2018 during the latest phase:

For more information, visit composer-collider-europe.de