18. January 2021

Adventure #4: Benjamin Grau – “sonority”


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Benjamin Grausonority (2020)

Ensemble Musikfabrik:
Florentin Ginot, double bass
Hannah Weirich, violin
Sara Cubarsi, violin
Axel Porath, viola
Dirk Wietheger, violoncello

Sound recording: Benjamin Grau, Simon Spillner
Video concept: Benjamin Grau
Camera: Helena Cánovas Parés, Dmitry Remezov
Editing assistance: Dmitry Remezov
Editing and post-production: Benjamin Grau
Mix: Benjamin Grau
Stem master: Benjamin Bentz

sonority (2020), the final composition of Benjamin Grau’s concert exam, was created at the beginning of the Corona Pandemic. The cancellation of the concert at the end of the composition phase was foreseeable at that time, but nevertheless it demanded an enormous amount of creativity and flexibility from everyone involved. The planned performance turned into a video production at short notice, with all its technical and organizational difficulties.

The already completed music was originally conceived as a pure concert piece – without an explicitly designed visual level that could be referred to or built upon. The video concept is therefore a subtle synaesthetic extension of the classical concert situation – a representation of the sound event rather than a reinterpretation. What can be seen is the typical view of the audience. There is no editing, no change of perspective. The post-production is visible and the subsequent overlaying of the recordings is pointed out in some places. However, the question of whether only these superimpositions or even all of the shots were made with a time delay remains open in the video.